How do you solve a problem like...a hyperallegric ma-are?


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31 March 2013
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Genuinely stumped....i should probably give you a bit of background first.

We bred my little madame. From a yearling to about 3 she had really horrendous sweet-itch e. rubbed raw, but just her mane and tail. then at about 4ish it magically went away and since she has only beena lttle bit scratcier than the average pony but with no ill effects...

aged 5/ she got this mysterious bacterial skin infection which made her skin on her back go all gunky and scabby, but cleared up after a week or so.

2 years ago whilst on my duke of edinburgh she had what we have assumed was an allergic reaction...suddenly coming up in massive hives and kicking for allshe was worth resulting in barely able to stand...and then within the hour it passed without a trace.

every winter she gets hideous mudfever whatever I do and this year it resulted in a bacterial infection. since having the antibiotic injection and oral antibiotics she has been covered in lumpy swellings/rashes and a bit scabby. she finished the course about a month ago and still she is getting scabby rashes. they do not affect her but it worries me all the same.

just before the infection I did start her on oestress which she has a had before with no ill-effects and in the last couple of months i have been using and acavallo andtislip gel-pad to stop her saddle slipping so she no longer has anything 'mopping up' the sweat.

so if you can some up with any logical or crazy explanations/suggestions/etc. I would be more than grateful?

Galaxy choc up for grabs ;)