How I worked for the hunt sabbers AND carried on hunting Part 1


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28 August 2006
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A couple of seasons ago I was out hunting on my filly Monsveneris, took a hedge too quickly, and crushed my nut cluster on landing. Effing and blinding I managed to park her under an oak and gently palpated what I still insist on calling the "cricket box" area, but at the same time consoling myself that at least I'd already fathered lots of children, many of them legitimate. At this point I suddenly heard:

"Serves you f****** right, dunnit?!"

I looked down and saw a girl, about 18, with what I now know to be dreadlocks, bright blue eye make-up, scarlet lipstick, almost alabaster-white complexion and a sort of ring through one nostril - the sort of thing we use on bulls on the estate, only smaller.

"Er...yes... I suppose it does," I stammered.

She looked slightly surprised at my concession. I noticed she was wearing a T-shirt with "Hunt Sabs UK Tour 2006" on it. She tried another approach:

"You couldn't give a f*** about the fox. It's just fun for you, innit?"

"Yes, that's probably a fair way of looking at it," I replied. Well, she was right.

I must say, I rather liked her. Despite the pain I could feel stirrings in my trouser stirrup (not quite a foot, haha!) and felt mightily relieved.

She smiled, with great charm. I thought she had spinach on a front tooth, but I later realised it was a "bling" stone.

"I say, are you a sabber?" I asked.
"Yeah, woddovit?" she replied defiantly.
"Well, that's grand. How about converting me?" I was enjoying this.
"Well, I'm a cruel hunter but perhaps you could convert me to stop."
She paused, and giggled. "Hehe, you're all right, actually. I suppose we COULD meet later on. The others have got a post-hunt debrief I can't go to cos I'm a beginner, but I'm meeting them at 9 at the Farriers Arms. We could get together before then. Say at 8," she said coyly. "Have you a car?"
"Yes, of course. I'll pick you up outside the Farriers at 8 in the Bentley. I'm Antoninus by the way. Call me Tony."
"I'm Kylie."

And meet her later on I did, and I quickly found out that the nose-ring wasn't the only hardware she was sporting on her body...

To be continued...


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6 October 2005
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It sounds like a very interesting meet, looking forward to the next installment. Do you take her to the Hunt Ball?


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14 November 2005
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OMG! Do you never tire of this!

Can't wait for the next installment..more edgy than Emmerdale :)

P.S. Doubt very much you'd be riding a 'filly' out hunting (unless it was the two legged kind but that a different story), a mare would be more fitting.


13 August 2006
Well north of Watford
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I'm getting the hang of this - very eloquent, aren't you? In spite of the hair raising 'Good evening' post I can't help myself wanting To be continued..... to be continued! C_C knows you, so who were you before, then? Are you here purely to entertain? A refreshing change. Do carry on.