How much hay for a pony on box rest.

29 September 2010
Hi i have a 14hh cob on box rest. Shes actually not looking too bad atm as havnt really been weighing her hay. But i was just wondering in a 24 hr period how much should she be eating?

Atm she has a morning net, a lunch time net and her ball which has hay cobs in and in the evening her hay mobil ( slow feeder hay box)and a net. She had access to a bowl of straw chaff at all times and is bedded down on straw but i spray it so she doesnt eat it or at least very little.
She also has a breakfast morning and night for meds.

Just looking to try weigh things out and i have found little info on how much forage to give her now grass is oit of the equation.


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7 September 2004
Around 2.5% of her body weight assuming you are happy with current weight and want to maintain rather than increase/decrease.

Weigh tape the horse (okay not most accurate, but good enough), calculate 2.5% and then that is the weight of hay split across 24h
11 November 2018
Hope your girl makes a quick recovery! My boy has been on box rest since mid August. He has 3 small holed nets each with 1 section of hay during the day. The reminder of his hay goes in his night net. I did ending up feeding more than 2.5% to begin with as he was bored and I was trying to stop him stressing but he has definitely self regulated now and we are back to about 2.5%. I have also recently substituted one net with haylage just for variety. His hard feed is all lo cal. He’s put on a little bit of weight but my vet is happy that it’s not too much.