How much... (With a difference)


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23 January 2006
I am travelling a lot for work at the moment, and planning to advertise for a freelance groom to help me out when needed. I just want a rough idea of what I need to offer before I advertise, any help appreciated.

What would you think I should pay for the following;

AM - Mix up feeds and feed three horses - two in seperate fields, one in stable.
- Skip out colt (big softy) and replenish haynet and water (he's on EVA rubber matting so normally takes five mins to skip out)
- Top up waters in field, normally done with water carriers and wheelbarrow - field 100m from tap.

PM - Mix up feeds and feed
- Skip out colt, do haynets and water
- Depending on experience, lunge colt or walk out in hand.
- Depending on experience, exercise (ride or lunge) dressage horse - not necessary, just incase groom wanted some riding included.

AM normally takes me one hour, PM normally takes me about 1.5hrs depending on if I ride. I don't mind whether groom rides my horse or not, he will happily go a few days without being ridden.

Might be some poo-picking involved as well, depending how long I am away for, but fields are small and flat, with only one horse in each, so doesn't take very long at all, and muckheap about 10m from field gate!


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30 November 2004
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I think you need to pay £10/hour plus any travelling expenses really, to make it worth someone's while