How to get back into it all after a few years out?


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8 January 2006
i believe this is my 1st post in CR!
When i was younger i used to go showjumping weekly, do a lot of Ponies UK working hunter (with a few of the other ridden classes that were on that day that fitted in) and local riding club shows.
I havent done anything for years. The last time i went to a show was in sep 06 when i went to a county show with my shetland! that was just inhand!
Anyway, i miss it, i dont know what it is that i miss, but i just do, my hubby realised when we went to a local show recently and i guess he saw my face, had mexplaining stuff to him etc.
Things have changed since i was younger (and jeez, i am only 25 now!) i have put on weight for starters, and TBH i NEVER wear jods anymore as i am too
and imagine i look terrible!
I would loveee to get back into it all but i dont know where to start.... the competition venue i used to go to closed down after some issues with a big BSJA show they were holding and strangles! My local riding clubs i KNOW some are fixed, plus TBH, i wouldnt want to compete against some of them (history! dont get on with certain people and i would have to beat them, hence it would become stressful and wheres the fun in that???)
Also, i dont know if i am up to it or if i have lost it! is it like riding a bike???
I recently watched a jumping lesson at a showjumpers yard, the guy riding was out competing and couldnt ride at all IMO, it made me think if he can do it, i would woooop his ass!

Hubby is finally sorting my box out (needed some jobs doing on it and i've been waiting forever!) so i am hoping to have my box back on the road by mid/end september.
But where should i begin!!!???

{my horse options to ride, my shetland
, veteran welsh cob mare who i used to do a lot on, but TBH, i've kinda been there and done it with her! then i have others but they arent up to competition, IF my mare is scanned not in foal at the end of this month, i will have her, she was imported from a jumping yard in belgium by her previous owners.}
I wish my ISH mare hadnt been killed earlier this year as we could have done sooo much

Also, last time a few years back when i thought i would do some ponies uk again, i went to watch at a show and the jumps were tiny! so i decided it wasnt worth it

THANKS for reading this much, i didnt realise i would type so much! any help or advice would be gratefully recieved!

ETA - hubby filmed me riding for the 1st time in a year (due to having the twins) and i didnt look too fat

plus - i dunno if i would be confident enough to ride infront of people anymore at a show! not sure how to solve this one?

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1 May 2006
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I was in exactly the same position as you having had 6 years off riding and competing. I joined the local RC (with my horsey OH) and have done unaffiliated dressage with them (and won
) but I see that going down the RC route is difficult for you. I googled venues in my area and saved them in a favourites file. I now check the diaries every week to see what they have on. I also do stuff with other RCs that are close by (not sure about them all being fixed though!).

I googled and came up with these venues for you.

They might/might not have things on that you can compete in.


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4 July 2005
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I know exactly how you feel. I had five or six years off riding completely while I was at Uni, and when I got back everything had changed so much. Regarding your riding, you don't forget as such (i.e. you can still walk, trot, canter etc), but you lose your balance, strength and timing. So you sit there wondering why things are not happening the way you remember, and its because your body simply is not able to respond because it no longer has the muscle memory.

The only remedy for this is lessons, practice and more lessons. I found it took a good years worth of constant riding to get me back riding the way I was before I stopped.