How to put weight in right stirrup?


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25 May 2010
This is a problem that I've had for years. Partially before my accident but exaggerated after. I really really struggle to put weight into my right stirrup. I don't lose it and my heel is down but it means I struggle asking for right bend on smaller circles and during lateral work I can only seem to get leg yield right as most my weight is down my left side.

Background info is my left shoulder and hip is lower. I've had physio, sports massage, seen various chiros etc, all help for a week then I revert back, despite sticking to exercises they give me. I have a plate and 7 pins in my right collar bone, little muscle mass or feeling in right shoulder and pull on that side from my mid back. I guess this is why I sit wonkey?

What I wanted to know was if anyone had any suggestions or exercises you have tried or know of for equalising my weight and putting weight down my right side? I find this hard on and off the horse so there must be some way of changing it? Perhaps you know of a great professional who can help? I'm Surrey based and desperate to get this sorted before I mess up my new baby horse!


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3 March 2005
Try and get to a Jon Pitts clinic, he does a lot of them at LMEQ, called FitToRide. I did one a while ago and it really helped me to get the feeling for how it should feel when i was straight. I collapse badly (less so now) down my left side. He films you on your horse in all paces and does lots of exercises to straighten you up etc. They are about £80 per session, but worth every penny IMO. I can show you the feedback and vids he sent me of my session sometime if you like