hyper lurcher!


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10 September 2012
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I could do with come help, advice and product recs pls.
My rescue lurcher is shal we say....NUTS!!
He was abandond in the city nr where I live in rural staffs and weve had alot of issues which we have worked thru. My boy is very sweet and loving but hes obsessed with me! When ever im not about he has massive anxiety! He will cry for hours when im not there even if my husband is in, hes wrecks the backs on the doors when hes left in the kitchen on his own ect. When out on walks hes totaly looney but im training him atm and seeing slow improvment.
I was wondering if any of you could recomend a calmer of some description just to help take the edge off him. I used horse first relax me on my horse and thats pretty amazing stuff lol could do with something like that for my lurcher lol.

any advice welcome!!!