I actually jumped, in canter :O (bit long)


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27 December 2006
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Me and Roo have had an issue since before Xmas, I should re-word that, I have had an issue. Roo's fab.
I haven't been able to make myself canter to a fence, only trot over little jumps, this is because Roo charges at fences and then bucks.
I bought a flash noseband, and Neil taught me, it's like jumping a completely different horse. I had to use my legs :O
We did a course with a dogs leg and a related distance.
Had quite a few issues:
Firstly, I held too tight, so we lost momentum and we kept getting to fences, hesitating and then taking them anyway, (she's so good at looking after me).
Then Neil said I needed to really ride the last couple of strides, I froze and by the time I used my leg, we were quite close, so she jumped early, flew over the fence.
Then Neil told me to just concentrate on giving with my hands over the fence, that worked brilliantly for me.
I focus on my fear of the fence I'm riding towards meaning i kept jumping the first jump, and missing the second because by the time I stopped focusing on fence one and looked up it was too late for fence two.
The related distance, we kept runnning out, it took me quite a few attempts before I managed to get to the second half, again because I focused on first fence.
As bad as this sounds, we ironed out most of these problems, and my confidence is loads better. I jumped a spread and a course of 5 fences in canter.



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10 April 2009
Waddesdon Buckinghamshire
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my pony charges.. and my instructor kept telling me i was winding her up.... but she gets strong into fences... I have a grackle and 3ring and still can't stop! do think if they don't like that fence then the rider will be demonstrating how to do it first!!! but i get on better with the charging than with my mums cob who takes 1ft at 5ft... But very well done