Inky update and panic stations!!


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7 January 2007
Cloud cookoo..
Inky has been back to Leahurst today to have the stitches removed from his eyelids. The vets were pleased with the way they have healed and we have now managed to stop the left eyelid turning inwards so it no longer weeps. The right one needs to be left till February next year to see whether it heals as he grows. They will then decide whether to operate to shorten his bottom eyelid. Great news!! The day would have been even better had Inky not reacted badly to the sedation he had to enable them to remove the stitches....... Two minutes after the sedation Inky went down in the treatment room, totally spaced out on another planet, this is when i started to slightly panic.... The vet said its no problem, ill just check his heart and does so........ vet jumps up, runs off in opposite direction.... panic goes from only slight to minor panic. Vet runs back in tow with another vet running whilst trying to undue the ECG pack as he does so...... Major panic then sets in.....
The vet said his heart rate was irregular and causing her concern, they did the ECG and said it was now back to normal and nothing to worry about he was probably just sleepy!!!
Ive put a little boy back to bed tonight feeling very sorry for himself