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Is it normal?


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15 August 2006
North Yorks borders
Probably me worrying over nothing. But I have a yearling gelding who lives out. Last week it poured down through the night and in the morning he had what sounded like a blocked nose, but was fine in himself. The next day it dried off and he was fine. Well there was torrential rain again on Thursday night, and yesterday morning same thing again, blocked nose, I could hear it in his breathing, but fine in himself. It has dried up and I expected him to be back to normal this morning but I can still hear it in his breathing. It definitely sounds like it's coming from his nose, not further in, but there is no discharge. Can horses just get little colds, or get blocked noses from the cold like we do? I'm just worried it could be something more sinister.
He was very ill within a few days of getting him last year at 5 and a half months. He had a severe upper respiratory tract infection, he was so swollen up and ill they suspected strangles and he was isolated for two weeks, but made a full recovery and has been fine since.
So just looking for a bit of reassurance really and wondering if there was anything I could do to help with his breathing.




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13 August 2006
Well north of Watford
If it sounds like snoring you just might be facing what I am currently up against. Sometimes, it seems a pony recovers from a URT infection without any problem only for a secondary thing to crop up much later. My pony had a 'strangles-like' infection and then got a blocked nose - followed by a smelly discharge. This has turned out to be an infection of the guttural pouches and is the proverbial devil to sort. She has been fit and happy and is asymptomatic at the moment, but this problem will not, apparently, clear up on its own. I hope you aren't faced with the battle we are, but if the noise continues and/or he has any unpleasant discharge, seek vet advice soon.

I had no idea about the possibility of a gp infection (read my earlier post and the wonderfully helpful replies) but am getting to be a bit of an expert now!