Is my horse safe?

22 November 2021
Hi, I live on and rent a privately owned farm and am looking for some advice. I am looking to move my horse home from a livery yard BUT, there are over 20 horses illegally grazing on the land. We have contacted all the relevant people eg. Landlord, Police, RSPCA, World horse welfare and solicitors for these said horses to be removed. Notices have been placed but have each been ripped down and we are stuck on what to do.
Is it a huge risk to bring my horse home? The yard will have surveillance footage linked to my phone but the worry of my horse being stolen is going through my head constantly...


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14 September 2001
Hants, England
If you’ve served abandonment notices you are free to dispose of the horses as you see fit. I don’t think I’d want my horses near fly grazed horses. There could be stallions amongst them or they could have all sorts of diseases. If there’s no way they could end up close to yours I still think Id hang fire until you’ve sorted out the problem of the flygrazed horses.