It was quite a shock today


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10 January 2006
north yorkshire
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tonight i was lungenig roxy in the school and it was going really well.
her canter was perfect,anyway i let her off the lunge line and the free schooled her i had a x pole up and she kept cantering round the school really nice using all the arena and then would jump the jump she did this 4 times in a row then i stopped her and turned her onto the other rein, well she started trotting and headed to the gate she stopped at the gate (she sometimes does this) then started clucking and saying go on lass so then she jumps the gate from a standstill she caught the gate with her front hooves and then stood there looking at me and the gate while i was in shock,and there was this person who comes up and ride now and then covering her hands over her mouth looking like shes gonna have a heart attack. so then i got roxy back and trotted her in the school a few times to check she was ok then cold hosed her legs down she seemed fine and happy.

hope shes ok tomorow though.