Jobs - who works in the equestrian industry?


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28 May 2013
Hi all - thinking of maybe having a complete career change - need some fulfilment from my work life and feel that the equestrian industry may do this for me. Only v tentative at the mo - so those of you who work in the equestrian world what do you do, does it make you a decent living and most importantly do you enjoy it??!


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19 July 2011
i worked in th equestrian industry for 7 years before moving to my current job.

I ran a riding school fo 2 years and then a full livery yard for 5 years, i only gave it up because the elderly owner of the yard decided to sell up for building land :(

i absolutely loved workin with horses but its hard slog, you have to be prepared to work hard in all weathers, some staff i had under me just couldnt hack it!! i had 20 horses in my care at the ridng school with one staff under me. the livery yard had 24 full liveries and i had two staff and we all worked hard. My boss also dabbled in breaking and dealing so we did this to lol :)

depending on how experienced you are and what part of equertsianism you aim at you may be well paid or may not, so making a living depends on this?

I would go back to it tommorrow,(i currently work in electronics) :(