Just a couple of odd scabby areas on hind legs.


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14 July 2005
Mebbe nothing but these have come from nowhere it seems. Grey horse, hunted hard all winter, now turned away for a couple of weeks chill out. A dry scabby area has developed suddenly at the top inside of his near hind. Scabs can be picked off and skin underneath is pink and dry. Another area on his off hind, inside lower leg, not as scabby, but hair is coming out in small clumps exposing dry skin. I am guessing that these may be due to mud (and the chemicals therein) thrown up onto his legs. Just wondering why they have shown up now. He has moved fields but neither of them are particularly muddy. And he doesn't seem bothered (apart from when I pick the scabs !) and is well in every other way. Thoughts very welcome!
19 March 2009
Could it be rain scald? That is apparently a dermatitis caused by actinomycete infection. I have a horse with that, it comes and goes, and the vet said to treat it with a special shampoo for it. I've tried that, seems to help a little after some months of treatment, but there must be better ways of dealing with that problem... In my horse's case it's mostly a cosmetic problem. She also has it on the tips of her ears, which are hard to treat. Also I have to be careful; too much treatment of the affected areas can depigment the skin, and that's not good either...