Keeping horses at own property


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21 April 2014
My family and I are moving house. This new house is a converted barn and has a swimming pool etc.
It also has 17 acres out back with fenced off paddocks, a ménage, as well as four stable and an individual tack room. I've never owned a horse before, but I know about care basics and what to do. Now. I'm 14 and the only horse person in my family at the moment. My mum would be able to do some things, as with my oldest sister as they have previous knowledge.

Should I go for it? What would you recommend? For example, one horse and a companion? A few miniatures? Just please tell me if you keep your horse(s) at home. Can you please provide me with any necessary information.

Thank you for your time. :)


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28 November 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
In a word, no. As a first time owner, with no real experience, I would be using a friendly livery yard. It's fine when it is all going well but there are so many issues that could arise that you wouldn't know where to start with.

For example: what would your worming regime be? How would you utilise the grazing? Do you know about laminitis? how would you maintain the land? Do you know how to maintain the arena surface (manège, not ménage ;)) and do you have the equipment? Where does the muck heap go! Where will you get the hay from, where will you store it? And as for the horses, would you know when to call a vet vs something you can treat yourself? Do you have enough knowledge of feeding rules and latest thinking.

A few minis on 17acres doesn't sound great to me, they'd blow up and get laminitis for sure. If this is a genuine question (sorry to be cynical, but first time poster!) then I'd advise leasing your yard facilities to someone who would help you learn. And having your own land is hard work, it never lets up.

However I should say at 14 I'd have bitten off my own arm for that set up (and still would), but then I was already very horsey and so was my mum.

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9 July 2011
You are extremely lucky it sounds wonderful.

The 17 acres will require some management as I am sure your parents are aware it needs to be grazed or the grass turned into hay/ silage otherwise it will just become a jungle in no time, they should be able to get a local farmer to use what you dont need for any equines you get.

As for a horse there is so much to consider it could fill a book!!!

I would see if you can meet someone in the area, an instructor or similar, PC is a good place to find out what goes on locally, then see if they will help you, give advice based on meeting you, seeing the facilities and stay onboard to get you started in your venture into ownership, having someone you trust to ask when you are unsure, go with you to try any potential new horse, then with all the necessary things such as tack, vets, farriers etc will be so useful and help you avoid some of the many pitfalls along the way.

I would probably aim to have one and a companion but you may prefer to get someone local that has a horse to join you, it can become lonely riding alone and having a friend that can ride out with you, help with some of the many jobs etc could be one way of getting started.

There will be plenty of advice on this forum, you only have to ask, enjoy the journey.

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22 September 2012
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What did your parents have in mind for all the space? I'm sure they wouldn't have paid for it all without a plan so ask them first.

Personally I'd get them to rent it out to an experienced person with a handful of horses (they'd have their hands bitten off if they advertised!) and in return for reduced rent get them to look after a pony for you and teach you stable mgmt/ horse care etc..