Kick *rse Keysoe


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26 February 2007
(Apologies K is a hard letter to come up with a positive word for!)

So our last attempt at Keysoe Arena ODE ended in Double elimination and appaliing DR- mostly due to relying on someone and ending up being there is less than 5 min warm up. Bad day write it off.

So here we are in Winter 2015 ready to go again!

Firstly thought it was a good idea to have a Jump lesson since last one was..............................????
(actually dont know! thats bad!)

So saturday managed to get a lesson with John Adams locally (and now booked in for monthly clinic)
And ginger ninja was just AMAZING! At 22 the "idea" had been to retire this year- Moo says no!
Absolutely with me and considering the rain/wind/vileness she literally jumped her socks off.
Jumped well over 1m so least knew everything sunday would be smaller.

So toddled off nice and early for Keysoe (under own power in new lil Lorry), Managed to get there at the time i wanted, be ready and on at the time i wanted, tacked up got on realise that XC number bib was at home still :(
(luckily friend to rescue with quick swapsies)

Off to DR- Nawty pony thought it was much more fun to gawp at my mother outside and walking was far to boring.
Wasnt overly happy with it and suspected it would be just 60%
Was pleasantly surprised it was a 63% so left us 10th.

Walked the SJ and XC, SJ walked pretty easy and other than a long related distance line (LONG 1 stride double, to LONG three)
XC- good theory they have the first 5 fences were the last 5 from the 70 so fair 80ish, last 5 are then the first 5 of the 90 and the last fence i didnt go near as it looked huge from where i was.

After watching the first million in my section (ok 40ish) the SJ was causing all sorts of issues and clears didnt seem very common, two people before me had total disasters that always makes you think its worse!
But lesson day before in mind and the fences being smaller, we were off.
Felt the need to tap fences 1 and 2 (obv testing they were wooden poles) Short smack for three and clearing them by miles.
Lovely clear (one slight miss but on video you dont see it- so maybe not?!)

Short wait for XC, everyone seemed to be having issues at 2, right next to barrier and crowd plus a flappy banner!
So thinking forward and positive we were off! Good shot to 1, tap on shoulder to stop the thought of spook at 2, 3 flew past.
4 was the house we had stopped at in the summer at the outdoor ODE so really rode it and ping!
Fine till 7 where i felt the need to sit and hold rather than ride (nit wit!)
Now they were bigger realised had to go forward.

Final line 9-10 really rode it, last fence was mildly worried (OMG I'm going to die thoughts) so more leg than ever and jumped it huge :)

Cue big smiles :D :D
Video for those interested (this is a new trick for me so if its broken/doesnt work opps sorry!)

Very happy with ponio banished the thoughts of previous fails and big pats all round

Off to pop on lorry and pack away, wandered back to scores to realise that i was 10th after DR so would definitely get a rosette! So checked out the pics and bought this lovely one from the brilliant hoof prints photography (full permission for posting)

Turns out not only did we place we were 5th! one of only 7 double clears woooohoooooo

Very proud mummy, lots of polos and smiles all the way home!


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27 January 2009
I was at Keysoe on Saturday and I though the arena xc fences looked lovely, though some of them are very meaty!! Well done on a great placing!!! Lovely photo too :)


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14 August 2011
Yes, retirement seems a long way away. Brilliant job and glad you had a good day. Chuffed you have new wheels so you can get out and about more. Where is the john adams clinic?

Am glad I didn't manage it as think the course would have been too meaty - if they did the same with the 70 eventer challenge i.e. last 5 are at 80. There are some quite chunky fences in that arena ! I nearly freaked on Friday and thought I'd end up just doing flat work whilst oggling fences, but fortunately had instructor there to make sure we did actually jump some !

ETA just noticed that you did the 80, so that makes more sense! Lovely round. She's a super horsey.
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