Klaus Hempfling - learning to dance with horses

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23 July 2006
Klaus Hempfling has agreed to do a three day workshop in Denbighshire, North Wales in 2007.

Details of the workshop content can be found by clicking Programs on http://www.hempfling.com/

There are two possible formats. The first permits seven people to work with their own horses and 45 in total to attend the workshop to participate. The primary focus is how a change in the relationship to the horse is achieved through the person's own change of approach.

The second format allows seven participants with horses, 25 participants without their own horse and an audience of observers.

The prices for the three days; £550 for participation with own horse, £420 for participation without own horse, £180 as an involved observer, are very approximate and quoted by Klaus as a guide. It would be useful to gauge interest before deciding on a format.

There is plenty of good B&B and camping accomodation in the area. Access is easy from M56 and A55.