Kramer Exercise rugs

Mrs Jingle

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17 September 2009
Wow! what can I say?? - ordered one of these last week purely to stamp firmly on my pathetic excuse for not riding - i.e fully clipped horse will get too cold just in her hi viz waterproof. So ordered this semi reluctantly at a reduced price of less than £14 and thought it will almost definitely be complete lightweight rubbish and won't do a damn thing to keep the chill off her etc. etc.

It arrived today - top quality for sure - really heavy weight and definitely keep even the biggest woozy clipped horse nice and comfortable out hacking. I could not believe the value for money<422046><422046..6_9.S>

But as it was hovering around 14 here today I used the excuse it was far too hot for her, should I use the HI viz, should I use the new Kramer rug...should I just give her a good groom and go back indoors for a cuppa...yep the cuppa won...again :(