Lameness update...

2 August 2004
She's behind you... heh heh heh!!!

Farrier came out yesterday (he was supposed to come on Saturday but as it was an add on to his list and not in his diary - he forgot!)

She has a very bruised toe. To be fair to him he had mentioned some bruising when he did her feet just over a week ago. What has happened is with all the hot and dry weather, her feet have been very dry. After he's been we have had rain, rain and yet more rain, and her foot has swollen slightly and the bruise has then been rubbed by her shoe.

So, shoe off, hot poulticed yesterday morning and evening, dry poulticed this morning and am going back at lunch time to re-do it, then wait and see what he says tonight whern he comes back.

He's confident she'll be OK!

Have to admit, she was on three legs yesterday, but much better this morning though still not sound.
9 May 2003
East Sussex
I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for you, after all the hassle you've had a lame horse is all you need at the moment. I really hope that she comes sound before the champs

Sam x