larkin photography from arena uk??


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10 February 2008
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on 2nd May Larkin Photography were atArena UK taking photos of the shwjumping...and while i was there i looked at the photos on the stand thingy with the guy with the pc to find some photos of me jumping my boy...

...i thought they were nice but didnt have any extra money on me at the time and so they gave me their card and said they would have a website up and running within the next week and the photos should be up then (it is a new company i think...)

iv been and checked on the website and its up and running...but the photos from arena uk havent been uploaded, there is a link thing there...but no link to photos if that makes sense? but the company have been to other shows and uploaded photos from them. i emailed the guy asking for them and he said they would be up in a day or two...i then checked again and they i emailed from my mums email asking the same thing (i didnt want to sound naggy from the same email :phaha) but its been like a month and they havent been put up yet :S

is it just my pc or is there actually no link? does anyone fancy checking encase its just my pc?

*click on equestrian and then try and click on ''arena uk 2.5.09''

this isnt really a very important post...but its really annoying me because i think there were some good shots of me and i really want to see them! lol

thanks in advance! xxx