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22 September 2005
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going xc schooling at the weekedn and was wondering how many of yiou use leg cool when you have finished schooling,.i always put it on after a competition so was thinking about putting it on after we finish


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22 July 2005
I just wash down with water and cool gel as do not want to hide any problems.

Got this from eventing worldwide website -

Galloping and jumping causes at least minor damage and inflammation to our horses’ legs. In small amounts the tissues repair and remodel.
This training aids the adaptation to further strenuous exercise. If the damage is too great then it causes injury - a much longer period of rest is required and the tissue is less able to withstand further strenuous exercise.

Eventers put things on their horses’ leg in the hope that it will decrease inflammation. There is no convincing scientific evidence that they will do this. What many will do is decrease the signs of inflammation. In particular the legs may look tighter and feel cooler.

The overriding consideration for me is that if my horses get signs of minor inflammation from minor damage then I want to see these early warnings so that I can investigate further. This may simply mean giving an extra week or two between runs. I do not want to get to the stage of a significant injury - I want those early warning signs. So watch your horse’s legs carefully and do not ignore or mask those early warning signs.