Livery yards in South Liverpool

1 September 2020
Hi all,

I am moving to Woolton from London in March, and am looking for initially a horse to share/loan, but ideally a good yard which does part livery and year round turnout (and friendly fellow horsey people is a bonus as I don’t have a network in the north as of yet!). A big reason for our move is to have a change in lifestyle so that I can own a horse again, but from internet searches I’m not coming up with much! Ideally the yard would be within 20 mins of Woolton... any help is really appreciated!


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14 August 2013
*waves from South Liverpool*

I’m positive there have been similar threads in this section of the forum in the past - have a search and see.

Your choices are limited if the 20 min drive time is a hard limit tbh. There are a couple of yards between Hale and Widnes, and what looks like a big one next to the motorway junction in Cronton but otherwise you’re heading up the Expressway/M57 or going over towards Warrington to find one. It’s a built up area!

My share is in Bickerstaffe which is 30-45 mins away depending on day/time/traffic which is doable for me going twice a week. One of the girls there lives not too far from me and manages fine with paid turnout in the morning for help, but you might find it too far! We’ve bopped around various yards in the Rainford area and there’s lots of choice up there, near Knowsley etc.