London livery and riding clubs

14 April 2018
Hello everyone!

Long time lurker here, first post now I'm seriously looking into buying my first horse.

I know this has been done to death, but much of the information on here about London livery yards is outdated, and the scene is constantly changing with various yards and school shutting down to property development etc. since I started riding in the city over twenty years ago. It also seems a lot is still through word of mouth, though.

Does anyone have any recommendations, particularly for someone who lives in the Camden / Islington area and with only access to public transport?

I'm aware of the LEC, Trent Park, Frith and Lee Valley. Any inside advice on these ones would be great, too!

I'm also really into the idea of joining a riding club. Any recommendations? Riding Club London seems pretty ridiculous and overpriced...

Thanks :cool:


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29 July 2018
Personally, would not recommend LEC, Lee Valley or Trent due to very poor turnout (with Trent Park, we're speaking a couple hours a week of turnout in the summer). Lee Valley and Trent are also very expensive; worth it in terms of facilities but the turnout leaves a lot to be desired. Frith Manor is cheap, good amount of arenas and turnout, but have heard mixed reviews about the care offered for your horse.

There's a lot that you can get to in North London from Camden by taking the Northern line and then a bus, such as Arkley View (horseball based if that's your thing), Elle Dani Farm, Galley Lane and Hill Top. Only know Hill Top personally but can definitely recommend - feel free to PM me about it :)

As for a riding club, you could try find out if you're eligible for the Civil Service Riding Club?
11 October 2006
It will be a struggle by public transport. If you get a car a load more decent yards open up to you - there are loads in the crews hill area of Enfield, mote end farm (which you might be able to get to by public transport but not sure) and some out east towards Essex.