Wanted Looking for a livery in Snowdonia

20 August 2017
I'm moving to Snowdonia and need to find a new home for my ageing boy. He's lived out his whole life but really struggled last winter so I moved him into full livery where he is absolutely thriving. I'm also away all week now with work so do need somewhere where someone is either happy to pamper him for me or he's in a retirement/full livery. He has cushings so needs a daily bowl of feed and his tablet, which he gobbles up no problem (he's a cob, if he can get his chops round it he will eat it!). His cushings was caught so early on he shows no symptoms and is not at risk of laminitis (vet has confirmed this). If you know of anyone who would happily take him in for me and feed/rug him daily as required, or knows of a livery yard with spaces please let me know as I really don't want him to be miles away from me after 18 years together!