Looking for feed stockists near me

28 March 2020
Greetings. Just recently I was informed that our local horse store, Manor Equestrian in Newthorpe in Nottingham, is moving to Awesworth and thus is too far for me to go to due to being unable to drive as I rely on public transport and it was bad enough fetching feed from them when I was able to before. I live in Eastwood and therefor require somewhere within that region of Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. I am aware of The Ranch store near Underwood, in Jacksdale, but it is still bad for me to get to as buses are only every 2 hours and I find myself waiting over an hour for a bus to get back home so I really don't want to rely on them if possible. I'm also aware of Taylors Corn Store but they only have the feed I want if I order it and often than not they don't follow through with orders as I've ordered carrots from them before and they didn't inform me they couldn't get them until collection day. Decathalon haven't been stocking much on feeed either. I mostly buy Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free and Allen & Page Soothe and Gain OR Calm and Condition. If anyone knows anywhere in my local area I'd really appreciate it that or I need somewhere with free delivery preferred but only finding ones for £50+ which I'm not aiming to spend at the moment. With coming into Autumn and Winter on the horison I really need to get ontop of this asap. Thanks in advance.


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20 November 2008
It might work out cheaper, and more convenient, to order online. The delivery charge might not be far off bus fees. If you had a shed to store some and buying advance rather than adhoc that might work out even better.

I buy from www.efeed.co.uk

Just done a winter order of 40 bales of bedding and 10 bags of feed. The delivery charge was £13.95. Everything was all at least £1 cheaper than local stockists so have saved £50 plus time and fuel going to collect it myself so very worthwhile.