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Wanted Looking for part loan near Chelmsford or sale


New User
1 December 2018
Hi everyone,

I currently have a fabulous half share on a great horse but I've moved house recently so it's a bit far away from me now. I'm hoping to find either a part loan (flexible on days of the week) with full livery, as I work in London (under normal circumstances) and am getting my masters part time. Looking for max 30 mins drive from Chelmsford. I'm fairly tall so I need 16hh+, and not afraid of anything 17 or over!

Alternatively, I have been gasping for my own recently and to find a sharer to distribute the workload once we (hopefully) go back to normal and I start going back to the office. Same height requirements, age 10+ and someone happy to jump, maybe compete locally once I have the time, and quiet enough for the occasional hack. I'm not into XC/eventing, so not fussed about those skills. Don't need anything fancy, and was looking for max budget of £5000.

Thank you!