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Lucky with 2 good lots of customer service


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17 January 2010
So little fat pony had outgrown his saddle after he grew up - fitted when he was 5 and he’s 8 now and a completely different shape. We got a Kent & Masters S Series Jump in 16.5” as an adjustable saddle would last for ever.....wouldn’t it? So said lovely saddle was perching on him and lifting at back. Saddle fitter said it didn’t fit and he was right. But we were skint due to good old COVID 19 so had to think what to do. Borrowed an old saddle off a friend who wasn’t riding as she had just had a baby and said saddle fitted like a glove - perfect. Albion Falcon Hawk event was perfect. Only problem - we had to sell K & M to fund purchase of Albion. So we sent details and photos off to The Saddle Bank and quickly got a good price from them and noticed they are based not far from us so arranged to take it over to save on courier costs. Was a bit worried that they would get saddle and find issues that would mean the offer was reduced - but they had paid the money into my account within 5 minutes of us giving them the saddle. No problems at all and a really nice person. So was shocked to see the latest thread on here complaining about them but glad to see they have now sorted it out as I knew they would. Fabulous company I would recommend to anyone whether they are selling or buying.

So the money we got from them allowed us to search the internet for the exact saddle we had borrowed....which we found at Aberwiel Saddlery. So we ordered and paid on Bank Holiday Monday. Expected delivery date was Wednesday after. But the saddle was scanned into the local UPS depot on Wednesday and Thursday with a note to say delivery would be delayed by 1 day. By Friday I got jittery and emailed Aberwiel Saddlery to get them to chase up the delivery as I was worried the courier had lost it. Within 5 minutes of emailing them the saddle turned up! Pure coincidence of course but the communication I had with them was really good to. And the saddle was perfect and in great condition. Fits fat pony and is really comfy according to daughter.

So nice to be able to recommend companies for good customer service in these strange times.