Mane and Tail Growth Help!

28 December 2018
I just bought a grey Arabian mare about a month ago. She’s super pretty but a bit lacking in the mane and tail department. Both are fairly long with her tail going a bit above her pasterns and her mane a bit above her shoulder but both and especially her mane are kind of thin. There is new growth that I can see for both but I’m trying to help them grow faster for the coming show season. I’ve thought about trying BioMane but I’m trying to stay away from synthetics and chemicals. I’ve also heard that coconut oil can be great but as it is always below freezing where I live this time of year it nearly impossible to get the oil soft enough to use. Any one have experience with those two methods or any other methods that work on most horses to grow a long thick mane and tail?
Disclaimer, I do understand that because of her breed she won’t be able to grow a mane and tail like an Andalusian.


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8 July 2010
It's genetics. Some Andalusians have thin manes and tails.

Megatek works for some. Since hair is just protein, try feeding B vitamins and good quality protein like L-cystein and L-methionine which are the building blocks of keratin. Good supplements should contain these.


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20 November 2008
Megatek and/or Shapelys MTG (get the plus version for a less offensive smell!)

My QH is really sensitive to fly bites so it's a full neck rug in peak summer and that damages his mane. I use both of the above depending what's closest to hand. His baldy bit is growing back really well but no idea if the lotions and potions are making any difference or if it's just his normal growth rate.

The simplest, but hardest for me, solution is to stop brushing! Only unpick/groom manes and tails with fingers and try to leave it alone.