Moody mare or Something Else?


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26 July 2006
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I am very worried about my girl - her behavior was so strange last night.

I went up to catch her last night at around 8.15. It was freezing old and had been raining all day, she's a very big wuss and I expected her to come in with ease. However she did anything but.

I went up to her - all fine, went to put her head collar, nose in and then her ears went flat back as I tried to fasten it over the poll almost like she was in pain (no obvious damage...not sure that there is) she trotted off (looking very pi$$ed off).
This went on for about 45 mins, totting away for me and she even tried to kick me which is so (I can't stress this enough) out of character.
We tried to coax her with feed - I cant believe this didn't work either.
I eventually got her in after standing petting her then fastening the head collar up high over her neck then doing the nose, didn't react in pain when it went on her poll area like before. She then came in quietly?
She was very quiet after this.
It was so strange, it was like she didn't know me
we are normally so close and she'll do anything for me.

I don't know if this is her being a moody mare (in season a bit...this has also never caused any problems but has been a bit more "slutty" this summer since being in with only mares as opposed to a mixed herd) or if someone has done something to her as she was so flighty, she was also shaking like a leaf like she was scared (of me by the looks of things)

Part of the field was very churned up, I'm wondering whether they might have been chased or something. I don't know - I'm just very worried.

I'm off to see her again soon - so will update again.

Sorry for a bit of a ramble..I don't like my girl being so out of character.


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22 August 2008
south wales
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sounds a bit wierd i have a mare who has major strops and at 17 is worse than ever but still dont think she would ever kick me!! dont have any advice that u prob dont no but hope shes ok, god horses cause so much worry dont they!!