My big horse wounds fetlocks when he dozes off!

17 October 2004
My large horse, Tobie is wounding the front of his fetlocks on his forelegs, when he goes to lie down, or doze. I've watched him do it and he seems to start to lie down, catch his legs and stand up again. He has had permanent sores all summer as they have not had a chance to heal.

Now I'm bandaging them with gamgee each day when he goes out then I stable him by day on a deep bed. I remove the bandages etc when he comes in, clean them and apply lavender ointment, as this gives his legs a chance to have air to them.

My physio has checked him and can find nothing wrong other than a slight stiffness on near hind. He was kicked on the inside of his hock last summer but he has begun this phenomena last summer before he was kicked. My vet has examined him yesterday and has ruled out a neurological problem. He thinks he maybe developing low grade arthritis in his front legs but he is 100% sound when we trotted him up the concrete yard and turned him in a circle. He's taken a blood test to see if this shows anything. He doesn't think it is a sleep disorder because he doesn't do it when he's ridden.

I'm at my wits end with him because I'm worried he's going to end up hurting himself.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this with their horse. Maybe its a case of Tobie being a clumsy "Rodney plonker"??!!!