my first pround mummy post,


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6 September 2008
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today i loose jumped my girl with her best buddy/bf at first she didn't understand what we were asking her and just played with the gelding after about 5 mins she got the hang of it and was jumping without telling her too, we started really small (about 2in x pole) and the second to last jump she did was 1metre and she cleared it with about 2ft to spare. we put it down to 2ft and left it at that.

now i'm just hoping we can eventually translate that to clear courses

the other thing i'm pround about is my 17yr old gelding is a very bad loader because he fell of the back of a lorry 6 yrs ago. well we have been taking it slow with him and now he will put 2 feet on the ramp straight away and will eat his feed with all 4 feet on the ramp. he may not be loading still but its a huge step forward and for that i'm very proud of him