Mystery Lameness


1 June 2013
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My horse has gone lame in the front left leg/ shoulder, but I have no idea why - a few funny movements the day before but nothing obvious that I know of. There has never been any heat or swelling anywhere and after a vets visit they couldn't find any specific pain either. I've been told to put him on bute and after an initial stint it had gone, however since coming off it the limps come back again. He was originally really reluctant to trot etc for assessment but now not bothered - he just looks funny! Fine in himself and not shifting weight - he just looks weird in trot. It also gets gradually worse in exercise and starts off ok, and I personally think it's worse under saddle. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this before and any ideas what it could be? I suppose it could be his back but no idea.

For reference he's an old ish boy but has never been lame before and known to be a very tough boy. He's now back on bute for 2 weeks as per vet advice but I just have a bad feeling that it won't work. He's also in very light work ie walk through it again at advice of the vet.