Nice yards in Wirral please


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7 March 2006
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Does anyone know of any nice yards in the Wirral area? I am currently in frankby but with being away from horses for a while i cant remember where all the nice yards are. South Wirral is too far as I live in Wallasey (so parkgate, neston etc are out).

I am looking for one with a nice menage that can be ridden in most of the year (not one that it waterlogged from october to march), a nice range of jumps, all year turnout and a few nice hacks around.

Hay and straw also available at the yard and prefer someone there to do feed and turnout in the mornings in the winter. Dont mind if its a small yard or a large one.

Must be DIY and no more that £25 per week rent.

Anyone any ideas?


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23 October 2003
Devon UK
Storeton Hall has all the facilities you want but not a clue re price. Thornton Hall Farm also has the similar set up.
Jane Reed at Storeton sometimes does DIY but you need to phone her, pm me for the numer.
There are a few yards in Saughall Massie (iris Broster), there are also yards at Meols near the Burbo Camp I think.
You obviously know all the yards near you, I can think of Doug Jones, Clive Beck's, Larton Livery and China Plate Farm, where a freind is stabled and loves it.
I'll rack my brains and pm if I think of anywhere.