Not sure if its allowed....Loan Pony wanted Central Scotland


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26 August 2005
Not sure if I'm allowed to do this here so srry admin if I'm not....

I have been asked to look out for a first pony for a 14 year old girl, sturdy type roughly 14hh for loan.

She is super keen and currently is being 'had' with a loan pony that is turning out to be too green itself to be of any use to her, (she was offered it as a bombproof, ideal first pony, who it turns out is 5 and far too handy with her back feet and refusal to be caught to be any fun)

She has a huge amount of support and advice available to her on the yard and is a lovely girl who is desperate to have a pony.

I'm sure someone knows of someone who has just this sort of pony sitting in a field somewhere in Central Scotland............Or a Pony Club home who has the old faithful hanging around depserate to be out and busy..............

So if anyone knows of any pony that might be suitable please PM me as we are really trying to find her a replacement to the current devil.