Now I remember....


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22 June 2004
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Spring has been quite opinionated and awkward to ride just recently. Nothing major but it seems like we always have to have an argument before she would get down and do some nice work. I try and keep it varied but she inevitabley gets bored with the usual schooling. So we introduced jumping which she loves and we were steadily progressing until friday where we introduced gridwork. She was a lazy madam and just kept dropping her feet in. At one point I thought we wouldn't manage a 1'6" crosspole grid, however after a "few words" she soon got the idea and we finished on a 2'9" upright grid. I was just gettign sick of nagging her and having to get cross before she would take me seriously.
So I get in the school last night and she was amazing!
We were doing halt to canter transitions, walk to canter, canter to halt. She managed to stay round and bouncy in canter and didn't get gobby or strong. We then did shoulder fore, leg yielding and rein back, all of which are huge achievements for us! She just seemed to try so hard and do exactly what I asked, when I asked! She maintained a soft contact and even tempo - something that she will often struggle with. So we did 15min and called it a day as she was so good.

I remember now why I persevere, when she is good she is fantastic and really shows me what she is capable of. The flipside is that when she is naughty and uncooperative its a 100 times worse as I know how good she can be! Lol! Horses, who'd have them?!

Sorry, this is a bit self indulgent, but after a few weeks of real frustration I really enjoyed schooling my horse and its good to look at how far we've come.