PC SJ at WWEC Report


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3 April 2009
Oxon/Berks Border
So, I took Tam down for my first PC teams competition, and for once in my life, I was really nervous! I had entered her for the 95cms and 105cms, but got there early as my mum is a team manager.

I warmed her up in the 95cms, and she felt great - she was jumping really well, and I really thought we stood a chance. I was first to go in the team, and the pressure was on to get a clear. She was going really nicely, perfectly striding all the related distances, until we reached the first part of a two striding double, where she tapped the front pole. Bummer! I finished the round nicely though, and she had been good, so I watched the rest of the team, and none of them went clear. It made us all feel better to know that we weren't the only ones with faults!

Anyway, I was pretty gutted with that, but I had to get on with the 105cms. I walked the course, strided out all the distances, and then warmed up again. It took her a little longer to get going because it was so cold, but she was jumping out of her skin again.

I was first to go again, but wasn't as nervous about this - I hadn't really proven myself at this height, so the team weren't expecting much. I went in, and to start with she was getting really close to her fences, especially the spreads, and the first 3 fences I really had to ride. Then on the fourth, which was a rather huge spread, I gave her a big kick, and she flew it, and that's how the rest of the course went. She'd been a star, and gone clear. Did I mention how much I love my big pony?

One other girl from my PC team went clear, and one had 4faults, so we were joint leaders before the jump off, along with the VWH. We had 2 of 13 people through to the jump off, which was amazing as our PC only has 70 members! The jump off had gone up to around 1m10-1m15, and would decide the winning team, so the pressure really was on.

The other girl rode 4th in the jump off, and had one down, but so did one of the girls from the VWH. The other girl from the VWH also went before me, but had a stop and a pole down. Which meant all I had to do was get a clear. Right from the first fence, she was jumping massive, and over the second which was a full up 1m10-15 spread, she jumped absolutely huge. I didn't go fast, or turn tight, I just let her bowl on to big spreads. I came to the final double - a big spread to a very tall 1m15 upright. ooerrrrr. I had no stride! aahh. So with a flap of my elbows (stylish, I know! haha) we took a leap, and although she tapped the upright, we got away with it. we'd won! And I was 5th individually! And other PC DCs complimented me on my riding - Awesome!!

I got such a big cheer - it was just like being back on Millie, like the good old times. My team manager was very complimentary, and I was so chuffed that she'd seen me ride like that.

So two rossetes, and a selection box later, I am so pleased with Tam. It was so nice to be doing teams like I did wih Millie. Tam is a definitely a PC Teams star in the making. And My team manager said "Well you'll have no problem going PC Open next year!" which is like BE Novice, so it was a really nice comment

I saw Bigboyrocky on here too, which was nice, and we had a chat.

Sorry that it's so long, a selection box to everyone who gbets this far! And Sorry if this is a bit "gloaty" but I really <3 my horse right now!


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6 April 2008
Was lovely to see you !!

Katherine - We went double clear in the 95cm and team was 3rd, then in the 1m05 got far too deep (MY FAULT) over the bogey fence on the course and had the front pole off, but was very plesed with how he jumped - although he was a right bugger in the warm up! nearly came off! :p bucking and jumping 3 times bigger than he had too :p I was extreemly frustrated with myself though!!

Well done izzy
you and Tam jumped 2 lovely roundsss!