Pooping up stable walls..


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19 October 2009
Sorry, quite possibly not the topic for a lunchtime!!

I have a two year old pony, about 12.3 at the moment. I try and keep him out where I can but sometimes he comes in at night to preserve the ground if its very wet.

I've noticed that he sprays the walls of his stable with liquid poo, would there be an underlying reason for that?

He doesn't always poo next to the walls so it doesn't seem to be a 'favourite spot' type thing and the poos themselves aren't sloppy or anything. His tail does not have residue on, its clean. He seems calm, not stressed in any way.

he gets all the hay he can eat (still plenty left in the morning) and a small token feed of Healthy Tummy chaff and a stud balancer with brewers yeast.