Poorly Scoobie.


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20 February 2008
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Silly dog has spent the day in the vets. He was rushed in yesterday because his foot swelled to about 3 times its normal size over tuesday night/wednesday morning and was admitted for x-rays today.
Good news: No broken bones

bad news: Severe bruising with infection. No one has a clue how he's done it has no puncture wounds, grazes etc have been found on that foot.

So a week on antibiotics and painkillers and no exercise till monday.
He's picked up in himself now he's home and the sedative has worn off, has eaten and had a drink and gone back to bed.
But he still obviously feeling quite poorly and sorry for himself, but should make a full recovery.
But he was impecably behaved, apart from screaming when he was injected with some antobiotics. Was very proud of him, he coped remarkably well and seemed settled. The vet loved him and they really were amazing.
Do love my doggy! Even if he is always injuring himself!