Product Recall - Neue Schule Comfy Contact


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26 April 2007
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I've just received this e-mail from the horse bit shop:-

Product Safety Notice - Comfy Contact
"We have become aware of a potential safety concern in a very small percentage of our flagship product, the Comfy Contact. As an essential precaution we are therefore asking any of our valued customers of this product to immediately stop using either the 1CCE or 1CCB and contact us at for further advice. Retailers with stock are being asked to immediately hold the sale of these products and we will contact them regarding the arrangements for the return and re-issue of re-engineered products. As a Facebook community, we are asking you all to look after each other by making this safety notice known to all your Friends. No other Neue Schule products are affected by this issue."... Dr. Graham Cross (Technical Director), NS Bits.

I don't use this personally, but hope it might prevent an accident for any H&H users!