Question for those in the North West


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19 January 2012
Looking for a recommendation if possible please. I have to go away with work to Burton in Kendal at the end of July and my plan is to take my caravan and the dogs but obviously I can't leave the dogs in the caravan all day while I'm at work, so I was wondering if there was anyone in the North West, specifically in the Kendal, Burton in Kendal, Milnthorpe, Carnforth area that may be able to recommend a day boarding service. Boarding kennels or home boarding but (if I'm honest) I would prefer kennels as my only experiences of dog sitters has been dreadful.

I've seen a kennels at Milnthorpe (Milnthorpe boarding kennels) that does day boarding but I have no idea what they're like. My dogs are well used to kennels so that's not a problem but I want to make sure they're going to be happy.

Any help would be more than appreciated.



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27 February 2012
Taylor made pet care in Kendal is very highly rated. I have also heard lots of good things about K9 to 5 Dog day care. There is also a dog day care in warton/carnforth that gets good reviews but I can't remember the name of it! As far as I am aware it is the only one in carnforth/warton.