Red frilly at Arena Eventing, help with pic choice please.......


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26 April 2009
Ok local RC ran some arena eventing on Saturday so decided to enter the 80cm pairs for a laugh with a friend who also has a ginger boy, so team Ginger Nutters were go :p
Organisers took on board what I'd shown them about unfixed portables so the XC section was all WH type fences and knock down fences which was great :D
Should have known it was going to be entertaining as Pidge jogged and trotted from the lorry to the warm up ring as he knew where he was :eek: Proceeded to warm up with him rather keen, I know he's switched on when we start to go sideways down the warm up arena. Only the SJ section was timed to make it safer so friend jumped fences 1-7 XC and then handed over to me as I thought it would be saner to jump all together on the errant one. I jumped 1-7 XC where he never looked at any of the scary fence dressings and locked on to all the fences including 3 skinnies jumping some from an angle as the course was a bit tight in places. Brought him back to trot after this as it was only timed from when I started the SJ section. Cruised round the SJ in fine form and then pegged it down the long side to hand over to team mate, she went nice and steady round the SJ as we'd both gone clear to date and over the last again nice and clear.
Well blow me down we only went and won the class, woop woop :D got a lovely rosette, sash with rosette on, mints, crisps, and a Kan Tec fleece type top :D
So anyways enough of the :D which pic do you think I should get as can't quite decide between these two