Rented land.

7 April 2021
Please can anyone clarify this situation? I have a verbal agreement on a 5 acre field I've been there over ten years now and always paid rent by cheque every single month . I've maintained grassland and made hay off it. My horses have been on it continuosly with no break. Do I have a tenancy now? The owners son wants to dump and compost garden waste on a part of field and I've said no it's dangerous to my horses and whole field is rented to me so I have rights to refuse this intrusion? Please help I'm losing sleep over this as feel there is ulterior motive at play here?


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16 March 2010
Honestly, if you get a good deal I would fence a section off and leave him to it. If you end up being difficult you may lose your field. Once the dust settles look to get something in writing to protect you and your landlord