Rescue centre, Gutted and confused? help?


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29 May 2010
Woman up the road was on beneifts and she got a dog cause she was at home all day but how on earth could she pay for vets bills, simple she took it back to the RSPCA where she got free treatment yet those who can pay and have money can't get a rescue. We tried as well a few years ago. Worked shifts so there was always someone around. But no. It's draining money from the charity to rehome dogs, instead of rehoming to those who can actually afford a dog. Especially great Danes who are known to have health problems.


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19 January 2005
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As others have said, I think the fact that you called the rescue makes it seem that you were the one that wanted the dog, and a 16y/o is likely to leave home after A-levels to get a job or move onto Uni etc. No offence intended here as I know some 16yr olds are a lot wiser and clued up than some adults!!

Next time, ask your parents to make the initial enquiry and good luck finding a dog.


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28 February 2010
I applied to several local rescue centres and was turned down because my husband works in London (leaves at 7am and comes home at 8pm), I work school hours and my daughter is at home all day every day apart from two 2 hour sessions a week. If she is going down the yard she takes the dog with her.In total the dog may possibly be left on it's own for an hour and a half twice a week. Oh and we have a cat!!
When looking at some of the dogs that were available for rehoming there were several who were used to being at home all day whilst the previous owners worked. But they wouldn't rehome to us.
In the end rather than buy a puppy I rehomed privately, lots of questions and chats, as we were a long way from the foster home the woman checked our garden via Google Maps :)
We gave a donation and he has settled in marvellously - the cat chased him round the garden in the first few days but now they co-habit peaceably, although sometimes the dog sleeps with one eye half open :)

I agree that there are some dogs that would not be able to cope for long periods of time being left alone. But as previously said how are you supposed to be able to feed and pay the vet if you don't work.

Perhaps they are only happy to rehome to a couple where the wife is a stay at home wife, but what about the shopping etc......


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7 June 2010
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that's something that confuses me - many dogs must be left alone for 8 hours or so at night when owners are sleeping - but this is ok
I think the point is that they will be left alone while the owner is at work as well as the 8 hours of night, so 16/24 hours...

I have had three Springers through their rescue centres and have never been refused. I have always worked full time although there has been people in the house during the day.

I have also had 2 other dogs through rescue centres and never been refused.

I have also never had a home check, maybe they just trust me.
We had that with our two from a rescue. They said that they had heard enough from our conversation on the phone.. We both work full time, although I was off injured at the time and my dad lives next door. I work shifts, so am often at home mid week while hubby is off weekends.

I don't think its fair to knock rescues and their policies. I stay in touch with the lab rescue that we got ours from. The top excuse for giving dogs to the rescue is "my child is allergic(!!??)" and the second one is "I'm working more and the dog is left alone too much.." Preloved is full of similar ads. You can't blame rescues for trying to prevent what they call "pass the parcel dogs" that go from home to home because people think they're the best thing to happen to the dog when they aren't. Unfortunately if dogs from forces homes keep coming in/back, then they will shy away from rehoming dogs to forces people. I work for an airline, and knew I wasn't going to be able to have a dog until I met my husband, who has his own business and can be flexible, and moved near to my retired dad... I would also expect the rules to be stricter for bigger dogs that obviously will need more walking...