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4 August 2010
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I'm more of a lurker on here now (in fact I've barely been on here at all in the last year!) as I haven't been able to do as much riding as I used to and reading about all the exciting things people get up to makes me want to do more!

I can only ride once a week now (boo :( ) and since the summer/autumn decided that I need to really up my fitness in order to keep some level of riding fitness going.

Well since then I've been doing more and more to the point that now my riding day is being used as my 'rest day' in order to fit it all in! I've noticed a huge improvement in my strength, fitness (cardio) and balance, especially with my core. I no longer find lessons remotely exhausting as I used to when I was younger and only riding once a week.

Currently I'm going to the gym (mostly strength training with weights/core/abs stretching exercises but these are all supersets so I'm still working on cardio fitness) about 3/4 times per week, do a yoga class once a week (only just stated that), some insanity (high intensity interval) training once a week and also do a pole dancing class (fitness class not the other type!). I was swimming twice a week as well but haven't done that in a while.

Obviously if I was riding more I wouldn't be able to do as much as I have been doing but I'm just wondering what other peoples fitness regimes are? What do you do and how do you find it helps/has helped? I've been quite surprised at my sudden increase in core stability as it used to be nonexistent before and my balance was all over the place!

Some Asda extra special dark chocolate on offer for reading :cool: