Saddle advice needed please!


19 January 2009
Hi guys,
My darling husband has decided to buy me a new saddle for my birthday! The trouble is I want two! I show and do some dressage so was thinking of either trying to find one saddle of each type for my budget of £1200 or finding a saddle I could use for both.
I've looked at an Ideal Ramsay which is a show saddle that I could have Velcro knee rolls added to for dressage. If I did this though would the saddle be jack of all trades and master of none? As in will I be frowned upon for having a hybrid saddle instead of a proper one for each discipline?
My pony is a 14.1 PBA, normally has a 16.5 MW.

Any experiences with good buys, great fits, good value or knowledge about using the right kit greatly appreciated!

Many thanks x