Scope/Gutteral Pouch Flush - Strangles Test -Extortionate Cost


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14 August 2008
South Wilts
Has anyone recently had their horse scoped and gutteral pouches flushed to test to see if horse is a carrier of strangles. If so, how much did it all cost???

I was moving to a new livery yard and my horse needed testing for strangles. Needless to say, the blood test was just over the AHT safe level so my horse need scoping and his gutteral poches flushed to see if he was a strangles carrier. Fortunately the test came back clear.

Imagine my horror when I got my bill to the tune of £450. When I enquired about the scope, I was told it would be approx 250 quid so I thought if it ends up being 300 quid then thats ok. What i've also noticed is I had two sets of lab fees on my bill of £100 pounds each. Must add, the scope had to be done my a different practice as my vets machine was broken.

A friend of mine had the same thoing done to her horse, her total bill was for £253 and that included scope and lab fees and blood tests and lab fees.

Her lab fees were £30 a time when mine were £100 each form the same thing.

When I asked my normal vets they said their lab fees were £80 a time.

Doe anyone think I've bee ripped off??? I've queried my bill but so far the vets havent got back to me!


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6 February 2009
£250 is more like it! Very fussy yard if you had to get tests, normally a couple of weeks in isolation is sufficient for most yards!!


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31 March 2008
i wouldn't pay it. tell them you were quoted X amount and was not advised it would be anymore and that you aren't prepared to pay a bill thats about £200 than quoted....