Showing etiquette


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9 August 2008
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i need some advice on showing my exracer. ive registered with RoR. and now would like to know what to do next, ive never done showing before. ring craft. how to present myself and horse(archie). clipped, natural, bridal path, pulled tail? everything i need to know! if anyone knows or can help please let me know thanx

rachel x x


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9 January 2008
West Sussex
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I would find a show where they have a some classes on that you would be interested in taking part in, and go and have a look and watch what people do. The basics for showing in the majority of classes are:

Plated. bridle path - up to you. Pulled tail. legs, feathers, whiskers etc neatly trimmed. Bathed and as smart as you can make him look. Plain tack - nothing too fancy - shaped numnah which co-ordinates with saddle, i.e. black or brown. You should be cream jods, long boots, tweed jacket, shirt & tie, black or blue hat (depending on jacket colour) and gloves.

Ring craft - always be aware of others. Take notice of judge and steward. When you are all riding round together at the start of the class, dont get too close to the horse in front of you, if you are, just turn a circle when convenient and find a nice space so that the judge can clearly see you. When the judge/steward starts calling people into line, keep an eye on them for when they call you. Smile and be polite to the judge. When doing an individual show - remember to salute the judge at the start and the finish. Just do trot and canter, a figure of 8 is always good, possibly lengthen in the canter if the judge asks you to (better not to do this behind the line up as the judge cant see you!). If you need to strip the horse for confirmation, make sure you have a groom with you so they can come in and help you to take the saddle off, brush the horse over etc.

It sounds a lot - but once you have done it, it is fine. Defintely go and watch a few classes first though.