Showing Youngstock advice


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20 February 2013
Hi, I have never done any showing before, but would love to do a few unaffiliated, local showing shows with my youngster. She is 3 in May.
I have looked at the schedules from last year so I know what classes I can do, which is only the youngstock open, shes a thoroughbred.

Ive read a lot online but I like peoples input and opinions :)

Im guessing we will have to line up for the judge, walk and trot in hand??
What do I wear??
What will she wear??

poopy.jpg Thank you :)
6 November 2017
Usually in Youngstock classes, you going in the ring and walk round as a group a couple of times, then each take it in turn to trot your horse out to the back of the line. Then all line up and the judge will bring each horse out individually, look round the horse, then you will be asked to walk away from the judge and trot in a straight line back to the judge, and past them (they move out of the way!) before going back into the line up.

Practice this before you go, make sure you can get her close to standing square and used to trotting, some horses hate standing for the judge, and others it takes a bit to get the hang of trotting out.

Dress wise for yourself, either cream or dark trousers with jod boots, a shirt and tie either with a smart jacket or gilet. The gloves and either a hat or riding hat (most wear a riding hat).

Your horse a bridle (in hand or normal) with a bit - given she is coming 3- and gives you a bit of extra control! She will look great plaited up.

If you haven't done showing before I would say to go and watch one first, then at least when you go with the horse you know what is happening and what you have to so can just concentrate on that rather than worrying what you need to do!

It is a great education to get them out and seeing things, allow plenty of time to get there and get to the ring, and an extra pair of hands that can help lead is often very helpful in my experience as it can be very exciting for them! A pocket of treats also helps!

Most of all enjoy :)


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21 October 2008
West Yorkshire
From top to bottom for you.

Navy velvet riding hat or beagler, flat cap or trilby. (Personally with youngstock I prefer a riding hat just in case they get excitable)
Hair in a bun/hairnet
Pastel or pinstripe shirt
Tie and tie pin
Tweed jacket or waistcoat/smart gilet
Brown or tan gloves.
Show cane
Dark trousers with white legs. Light trousers with dark legs. Either chino type or cords look smart.
Smart boots or jod boots- something you can definitely run in.

For your lovely youngster

Either a Havana in hand bridle (with inhand bit and leather lead rein) or regular bridle with reins and a neat snaffle bit.
I prefer a 3 way coupling for youngsters so the pressure is primarily on the noseband rather than the bit if using an in hand bridle.
Plaited and bathed and polished to a lovely shine.

When walking away from the judge turn your horse away from you to the right (not toward you) when your on your way back and make sure you’ve straightened up before starting to trot toward and past the judge or you can end up doing the wall of death if you start trotting on the turn!

When standing up for the judge your horse should stand with the inside front leg slightly ahead of its other fore leg, and its outside hind leg should be slightly stretched back from the other hind leg, but the cannon bone should be vertical. I hope that makes sense. You can usually get them to do this by applying a little pressure to their chest and getting them to step back until it becomes habit.

Most importantly remember to breath and have fun. It’s such a good experience for youngsters to get out and about and see a bit of the world.