Small lumps under yearlings skin, only on one side!


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11 July 2012
West Midlands
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Ok so new yearling has been with me nearly 2 weeks, when he arrived he had quite a lot of small lumps just under his skin that were sort of firm-ish to the touch. He is not itching nor are they scabby, just lumps that dont seem to be causing any pain or irritation. They are only on one side of his body (right hand side).

He came from a stud (has had all his vaccs), the stud kept him in a large barn with other yearlings until I bought him, when I then asked for him to be turned out for a few days before he moved to his new home as he is out 24/7 now. When he arrived he was lumpy, so I've been washing with an anti-bacterial wash that should kill most bacterial things. He has been out on grass since he arrived, only bringing him in occasionally to give him a quick wash and a groom etc.

The lumps have improved and most have gone down, but they are still there. Any ideas what it might be? I'm wondering if its a reaction to buttercups, I noticed there were a few in the fields at the stud, and the field he's turned out in has them too and after googling it seems they are an irritant to horses skin? Because they are only on one side it makes me think its the side he lays down on?

Wondering if we need to get the vet out, or whether these are just a reaction of some sort that will die down on their own as he has been through a lot of change over the last couple of weeks.