Spend my money please!


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27 August 2014
Lol, I'm heading to the Dublin horse show tomorrow and can't wait for the shopping! I've been working all summer so have a reasonable budget (for once-normally everything is bought 2nd hand or in the sales) and have been dreaming of everything I could buy. So please give me ideas! (I also have to buy birthday presents for several horsey friends so ideas for them are helpful)
The essentials are: new stud kit (half my studs have vanished 😖), gaiters, nice leather headcollar and matchy matchy!
Anything I'm missing that should be on the list? Any ideas for presents? Anyone already been up there and if so any essential stands I must vist?
I can't wait it's been years since I've been up to the show. 😃
Also no point buying pretty rugs and bridles and stuff 😭 as no horse of my own right now...


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16 February 2015
I have found the shopping at the horse show pretty crap to be honest! I found little to no deals to be had, everything on full price but could all change tomorrow as it's the last day! Some tips:

- Stud kit I would go to the Kennedy Equine Products stand as you can make up your own stud kit... Easy Studs (they are makers of Easy Spurs)
- Check out the Fellini stand for Jods (€65 or €120 for two) or Townend (€50 each)
- Headcollars on offer in TRI as per usual!
- Matchy matchy - loads down in Simmonscourt to be had! A full stand (can't remember the name) of fly veils and matching numnahs complete with embroidery options.

Would recommend checking out Horse Health stand, loads of deals on all things lotions and potions, LeMieux and Acavallo! Just wander around and you'll stumble upon some good deals I'm sure. Some of the best shopping is definitely down in Simmonscourt though.